Experience in a single event with a 360° view of the entire digital workflow and the variety of systems, components and materials.


Renowned speakers from science, practice and industry to give you everything you need to know about the digital workflow.


In the workshops innovative practical examples are taught. Take advice from practitioners for practitioners to take home.


Take the opportunity to meet and mingle with colleagues and experts from the industry.



The Grange St. Paul’s

The Grange St. Paul’s is a luxury 5-Star hotel located in the heart of London’s bustling business district, just a short walk away from St Paul’s, Mansion House and Blackfriars stations.

10 Godliman St
London EC4V 5AJ
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Registration & Coffee


Julian Caplan

Audience: Dental & Lab Room: Wren

Speaking The Same Language: A POWERFUL Digital Workflow Between Dentists And Laboratories

Daniel Vasquez & Frankie Acosta

What you envisioned for the future of digital dentistry is now our reality. Let us take you on a journey from conventional dentistry to digital.
Audience: Dental & Lab | Room: Wren


FROM DIGITAL TO NATURAL: Correlation of Digital smile design with Cerec system, in Oral Rehabilitations

Imad Ghandour

The Digital Smile Design frame will help you to visualize dental disharmony. How to visualize and communicate better (interdisciplinary treatment plan). How to educate and motivate your patient for a better case acceptance. And finally, how to utilise the different digital tools.
Audience: Dental & Lab | Room: Wren


CEREC Discovery Workshop

Karen Gangotra

Karen will share her CAD/CAM experience and discover how digital restorative dentistry could take your practice to the next level.
Audience: Dental | Room: Churchill

The Power Of InLab: Taking InLab To The ULTIMATE Level

Frankie Acosta

With Sirona inLab you can change the way you do business. It is not just a digital milling system, it can be the perfect complement to your existing system workflow or it can change your business model completely – inLab means freedom of choice.
Audience: Lab | Room: Lutyens

The ortho-restorative interface: Digital scanning to combine Invisalign treatments with CEREC restorations

Raman Aulakh

With the advent of having the ability to scan patients for orthodontic appliances as well as for indirect restorations. Doctors can now offer patients a complete and holistic approach to inter-disciplinary treatments.
Audience: Dental | Room: Kitchener

Perio Implantitis epidemic, are lasers the solution?

Rana Al-Falaki

In this growing epidemic of peri-implantitis, everyone is looking for a solution to the problem!  Is it prevention, or is it cure? This lecture will outline the potential benefits of using lasers in the management of peri-implantitis.
Audience: Dental | Room: Pepys


The Digital – Occlusal Connection

Ian Buckle

The possibilities of digital dentistry are endless but if we are not careful technology can just get us into trouble quicker! So how do we combine the latest advances with time tested principles to provide predictable, beautiful and long-lasting results. In his presentation Ian will discuss: • How occlusion fits into the digital world • Virtual articulators, facebows and digital articulating paper • Digital treatment planning and the virtual wax up • A digital workflow to produce functional aesthetic restorations
Audience: Dental | Room: Wren

BruxZir: The Dental Zirconia Revolution

Brian Branton

Many across the dental industry have looked upon monolithic zirconia as a unesthetic solution for dental restorations, a material that, if used, should be confined to indications in the posterior area of the mouth. As the material saw increased adoption by technicians and clinicians around the world, the requirements asked of the material began to grow in tandem. Soon, this ever-improving material was defined as a trusted replacement for standard porcelain fused to metal restorations. This presentation will discuss how Glidewell Dental has perfected the various formulations of BruxZir® Solid Zirconia, not only improving the product for posterior indications but also providing a highly esthetic, cost-effective monolithic solution for all areas within the oral cavity.
Audience: Dental & Lab


Cocktail Party

The Quality Of Experience: How digital dentistry can change your life

Daniel Vasquez & Frankie Acosta

Sirona CAD CAM technology has gone through many changes over the years. Dr Vasquez and Frankie will provide a brief history of those changes, and how CEREC and InLab systems are fun as they make our lives easier and speed up workflows creating the best quality experience for our dental office and Laboratories.
Audience: Dental & Lab

Starting with the end in mind

Jameel Gerdee

Digital Smile Design allows the user to identify with greater accuracy and predictability a predetermined end point to treatment. From this, a motivational digitally designed mock up can be tried live in the patients mouth, allowing them to view the "finished case" and so providing an emotional link with it that increases case acceptance. The digital smile design also provides an open source entry into most specialties planning software, allowing true comprehensive interdisciplinary digital dentistry to be facilitated seamlessly.
Audience: Dental & Lab


360° digital implant workflow Part 1

Colin Campbell and Craig Parker

Digital technology now enables dentists to plan, place and restore dental implants more effectively and predictably, providing phenomenal aesthetic and functional benefits for our patients. However the bewildering range of systems and approaches available can be confusing for the practitioner wanting to venture into this field.  Colin Campbell and Craig Parker will share their extensive experience in dental implantology and as early adopters of digital workflow. In their open and straight-talking style  they will  demystify the topic, helping dentists to choose a starting point in the digital journey  appropriate to their circumstances.
  Audience: Dental

CAD/CAM: CEREC Fusion: It all starts with the „VScan“

Daniel Vasquez

Today we have many options when it comes to CAD CAM technology, come and join me in exploring the evolution to simplicity with CEREC Omnicam and to maximize the use of this technology for a more efficient and cost effective dental office.
  Audience: Dental

10 Rules of Patient Marketing

Bill Starkie

The Patient Marketing Seminar provides a thought-provoking insight into how marketing can help you attract more new patients, whilst educating and engaging the ones you already have: accelerating your practice revenue growth in 2016, regardless of your current practice management system. With the knowledge that over 80% of practices do not have a dedicated marketing resource, this workshop explains the “10 Rules of Patient Marketing”. It includes easy to follow best practice advice that will help your practice stand out to potential new patients, and tips on how to educate, inform and influence your patients towards optimum treatment. Join us and learn how to: maximise your online reputation, build consistent marketing campaigns, automate your marketing schedule and effortlessly measure your return on investment.
Audience: Dental

Planning, creating and selling high definition smiles

Tony Knight

Using Digital Smile Design, Cad Cam technology,  3D ceramic techniques and portrait photography the lecture will show how to create and satisfy the demand from your patients for minimally invasive high definition dentistry.
  Audience: Lab


360° digital implant workflow Part 2

Colin Campbell & Craig Parker

  Audience: Dental

The Advancement of Digital Dentistry within the Dental Laboratory

Ashley Byrne

The lecture will look at how digital technology has changed an entire work flow in a high end commercial laboratory. From simple restorations to the most complex full arch, the lecture will focus on how the scanner is quick, easy to use and how it delivers outstanding results case after case. Also featured will be examples of cases using both conventional and digital impressions showing how the technology can transform a dental laboratory and bring the business to a new level.
  Audience: Lab

Digital Dentistry – my first year

Harmeet Grewal

Harmeet Grewal will be giving an account of his fist year as a CEREC user. We will hear the difficulties he faced, how it changed his daily practice and what the future holds. This will be great for those looking to invest or new CEREC users. Harmeet will give an overview of its uses, benefits, materials and much much more.
  Audience: Dental

Custom Implant Solutions with InLab 15

Lino Adolf

  Audience: Lab


Digital Lab Evolution: March of the Machines

Stephen Green

Stephen Green Dental Studio are an early adopter of CAD-CAM Technology manufacture 100% of work through advanced technologies utilising a range of the latest systems. These systems combined with the accuracy of system specific components such as Ti-bases mean a highly accurate fit can be achieved for implant cases giving repeated consistency. Designed and milled in-house the lab have since being involved with this technology restored thousands of ti-base titanium connection implant cases through a digital workflow using new materials such as translucent Zr and PEEK super polymers. Along with the digital manufacturing Stephen has developed the daily receipt of digital impressions having restored over 1000 restorations in the last 3 years.
  Audience: Lab

Milling or Filling – how do you restore compromised teeth in the digital age

Alif Moosajee & Nik Sethi

In this exciting duo - Dr Alif and Nik will look at whether direct or indirect restorations are the answer for compromised teeth . In an ageing be population often with heavily restored posterior dentition, the clinician always faces a tough call when faced with failing large amalgam or composite restorations. Indirect crowns and onlays still provide the highest level of long term aesthetics but at what biological and financial cost? Especially in the digital age. On the other hand , direct composite overlay restorations rather than large inlays are a wonderful but time consuming way to reduce cuspal fracture risk and also monitor pulpal vitality over years. Today we discuss the relative merits and drawbacks of the materials we use, and the procedure itself. Come join us and engage in this debate .... the best of it's kind.
  Audience: Dental

Go Digital Be Digital

Daniel Vasquez & Frankie Acosta

The integration of  CAD CAM software provide efficiency, reliability, and innovation. Frankie and Dr Vasquez say “Go Digital and Be Digital” with  CEREC 4.4, CEREC Premium, CEREC Connect  and InLab 15.0 By working  together between the dentist / assistant and a great communication with your dental laboratory you will maximize the use of technology for a more efficient and cost effective dental office.
Audience: Dental & Lab


The organiser Henry Schein Dental reserves the right to change the event times, sessions and speakers. Delegates will be notified of any changes.


After an exciting and inspiring day discovering the latest technologies in dentistry, why not join us in the Sky Bar for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the hotels top floor via a private express lift.  The Sky Bar is an exclusive penthouse-level bar with rooftop terrace and conservatory, it’s the perfect place to network, relax and soak up the atmosphere or take in the magnificent landmark views.

Friday, 6th May
19:00 until Midnight
Sky Bar The Grange St Pauls.  

Sky bar 1
Sky bar 3


Welcome to Henry Schein’s 5th Annual Digital Symposium, formerly known as the CEREC® Symposium.

You asked and we have listened, this year we have expanded the Symposium to address the total digital workflow making this the first UK based community event for all dental and laboratory professionals.     Every lecture and workshop has been planned and designed to help you take your digital journey to the next level. Our incredible speaker line up will teach and inspire you to maximise technology towards providing exceptional patient care.

A comprehensive introduction to CAD/CAM will be available for those who are beginning their digital journey. You will have the opportunity to attend hands on workshops to better understand your digital options both from a clinical and a business perspective. For our veteran technology users, a wide range of topics will be covered such as; digital case presentation, digital orthodontics, enhancing aesthetics, smile design, stain and glaze and integrating 3D technologies for implant dentistry.

I look forward to seeing you at the beautiful Grange Hotel overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral as we come together as one community to learn from the best and brightest minds in digital dentistry!


Mackenzie Richter

General Manager, ConnectDental



Julian Caplan


Dr Julian Caplan is past President of The BACD. His practice is cosmetically based treating patients with simple issues to more advanced multidisciplinary procedures involving complete rehabilitation. He is the only dentist in the world to have passed the BACD accreditation exam using Cad/Cam technology.

Frank Acosta

Frankie Acosta has been a dental technician since 1986. He has owned and operated three full service laboratories. At AA Dental Design, he has built a powerhouse focused on processing digital and conventionally impressed restorations by utilizing the CEREC inLab to its fullest. Every restoration is processed with the CEREC inLab system.

Daniel Vasquez

Dr. Daniel Vasquez is a cosmetic and general dentist in North County San Diego, he offers a variety of dental services to mention, one-day visit CEREC crowns, one-day visit porcelain veneers, same day smile makeover, Waterlase dentistry, Sedation dentistry, Oral surgery, Root Canals, Periodontal Therapy, Dental Implants and Orthodontic treatments.

Imad Ghandour

I was born in Lebanon in 1965. Graduated in scientific studies, I moved to the Nice University, France to graduate in Organic and mineral chemistry (BA). In 1989, moved to Geneva University, Switzerland studying Mechanical and Material engineering and specialized in optical and mechanical physics. Collaborating as a consultant developing products with the Dental Industry.

Jameel Gardee

Jameel is one of the partners at the Glasgow Smile Clinic. After leaving Glasgow University with Distinction and Commendation, he completed his postgraduate studies at Boston University in 2001 where he was a Resident in the Goldman School of Dental Medicine. He graduated with a CAGS in Advanced Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Nik Sethi

Nik Sethi qualified from King's College London in 2009. He has a Master of Science degree in aesthetic dentistry, also at King's College London. Nik is an associate member of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and is regularly featured in Dentistry Magazine, writing a series of articles aimed at educating younger dentists.

Raman Aulkah

Raman is a specialist orthodontist and a post-graduate tutor at King’s College Dental Institute London on the MSc Programme of Aesthetic Dentistry. Dr. Raman Aulakh is an Invisalign Platinum Elite Doctor, Clinical Speaker and a key opinion leader for Align Technology. He has recently been commissioned to write a master class series for Orthodontic Practice to showcase treatments requiring orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and the Invisalign system.

Harmeet Grewal

After graduating from Charles University, Prague in 2009, he has been working in general practice, practicing both NHS and private dentistry. He has gained a special interest in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, having attended multiple postgraduate courses in this field.

Rana Al-Falaki

Rana Al-Falaki has been on the UK specialist list in periodontics for over 10 years. She has worked in the hospital system helping with the undergraduate and post-graduate tuition and as an associate specialist. Her areas of interest lie in stress and nutrition related to periodontal diseases and cosmetic periodontal procedures.

Tony Knight

As one of the most experienced aesthetic dental technicians in the UK, he has lectured at The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, The World Aesthetic Congress and The Dental Technology Show. He has contributed articles to several professional publications and is currently on the editorial board of Premium Practice Dentistry magazine and a judge of the The Smile Awards.

Craig Parker

Craig has been involved in surgical dentistry for over 25 years. He has been actively involved in the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) at the Royal College of Surgeons. Craig’s special interest is in digital workflow in dental implantology: using ultra-precision digital treatment planning, 3D radiographic imaging, digital intra-oral scanning, computer guided surgery and CAD-CAM technology to achieve predictably beautiful results.

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell has been teaching in dentistry since 1994, the year he qualified as a dentist from the University of Glasgow. Colin became a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology in 2005 and has been heavily involved in the education of the dental team from dental students to post-graduate students and dental team members since.

Ian Buckle

Liverpool born Ian qualified from Liverpool University in 1985. He has over 20 years’ NHS. Ian is also Director of The Dawson Academy UK and teaches dentists around the world the foundations of ‘complete dentistry’ as taught by The Dawson Academy founder, Pete Dawson. He also lectures nationally and internationally on functional and aesthetic dentistry.

Karen Gangotra

Dr Karen Gangotra qualified from Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital with a Certificate of Merit in 2001. She is the owner and founder of Smilessence which was opened July 2007. Dr Gangotra has provided smiles for clients, modals and celebrities. She has a special interest in Cerec- Cad Cam technology and has been an active user for over 10 Years.

Alif Moosajee

Dr. Alif Moosajee is the owner of the prestigious Leicester-based dental Practice ‘Oakdale Dental’ which provides Dental implants, Orthodontic treatment and Facial Rejuvination along with cosmetic and general dentistry. Alif prides himself on being able to present complex ideas in a very simplistic and accessible way.

Ashley Byrne

Ashley qualified with a degree in dental technology in 2001. He worked with several implant placing clinicians before starting Byrnes Dental Laboratory with his Dad in 2006. The laboratory is set in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside in a stunning old open plan barn. Ashley has lectured on digital dentistry in the UK, Europe, Canada and India. His key areas of focus have been implants and digital dentistry and he is a keen photographer.

Stephen Green

Stephen Green Dental Studio is a digitally enabled dental lab owned and managed by Stephen since 1988 and has overseen the development of CAD-CAM within his lab and now manufactures all of their implant and C & B work from single crowns to full rehab cases in his digital dental lab.

Lino Adolf

Lino Adolf was born and raised in South Africa. In 1998 he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Dental Technology and later in 2002 the Degree in Dental Technology - fixed prosthodontics. He developed his technical education in fixed prosthodontics until today. He has been working with CAD/CAM since 1998 and with the Sirona inLab system since 2009 and became a Sirona Certified inLab Trainer in 2011.

Brian Banton

Brian Banton received a Diploma in Dental Technology from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa in 1983. Residing in Los Angeles, California, for the past 26 years, he has contributed heavily to the dental industry, especially in the field of Implantology. Brian currently is the Vice President of International Sales for Glidewell Dental.



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What is Connect Dental?

Let’s face it. Times aren’t changing, they’ve already changed. The world of digital dentistry is here to stay! Incorporating new technologies into your practice can increase productivity and profitability while improving treatment outcomes. It can be a daunting task deciding which technologies to adopt. That’s why Henry Schein has developed ConnectDental – Digital Restorative Solutions for Practices & Laboratories – to ensure you have the right technology for what you want to achieve.

ConnectDental provides consultation, expert advice for digital solutions, includes education and support to help dental professionals operate more productively and deliver superior patient care.

Benefits at a glance

The advantages of moving to digital dentistry for you and your business can be substantial:

– Able to easily produce durable and aesthetic restorations that fit every time with less sensitivity.

– Saves you time so you can work on other cases.

– Treatment planning is easier because of the advanced diagnostic tools.

– Treatments that would normally take place over several visits, can take place in one or significantly fewer visits than before.

– Gives you the flexibility to work completely within your practice or with your partnering laboratory.

– Improves communication between clinician, patient and laboratory.

– Can be highly profitable.


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